Dark web Directory illegal sites are published on the Dark web

The Darknet as such is legal. However, this should not obscure the fact that it is a playground for illegal activities. Therefore, a visit to the Darknet is not without risk. You need to check several dark web directory.

On the one hand, criminals fish for data that they can turn into money. To do this, they use tricks of all kinds as well as malware. On the other hand, police investigators and intelligence officers are on the move here. Since the mere visit to some websites is a criminal offence and most.onion links do not reveal anything about their destination, caution is always advised.

What is the Darknet good for?

Above all, the Darknet is useful for people who would have to fear persecution due to the activities they intend to do. This applies to ordinary criminals, but also to whistleblowers and politically persecuted people. On the dark web directory you can find a more interesting sites for using.

From the point of view of the democratic rule of law, the possibilities of the darknet are therefore to be welcomed on the one hand and rejected on the other. It gains legitimacy and value to the extent that politically imposed rules mean oppression.

When is this the case? There are inevitably different opinions and a grey area. Thus, the Darknet is also used by extremists and conspiracy theorists of all stripes to exchange ideas and pass on information. Such actors also see their own points of view and activities as quite legitimate.

In 2017, the Japanese IT security company Trend Micro presented a"study on the spread of "fake news" on the Internet". The Darknet also plays a role in this, which is discussed here under the term "underground markets".

The shady to illegal products and services available here also include fake clicks and followers for social media profiles – and fake news campaigns.

According to the study, buyers pay $2,600 for 300,000 followers on a social network. Manipulating moods by spreading fake news is more complex and expensive, because the agents of the service provider have to generate interest and emotions from real users. To this end, they build up user groups with relevant interests, which then form the target audience for the fake news.

For twenty groups of 1,000 relevant members each, the study estimates $40,000. The spread of the messages can in turn be fueled by purchased likes and comments. Cost: $5,000 for 20,000 comments, $6,000 for 40,000 likes.

If you want to protect yourself against your own social media profile being hacked, you should secure your account with a strong password. At least eight characters including numbers and special characters are recommended. In addition, many services offer so-called two-factor authentication to make it more difficult for hackers.

However, as a scene of the spread of fake news, the darknet is less relevant. After all, propaganda wants to reach as many people as possible, and the Darknet is a hidden place. According to the Tor project, around 750,000 users visit it daily.

Compared to the total of billions of Internet users worldwide, this is a tiny number. After all, between two and four million people use the Tor browser every day to anonymize when visiting normal websites.

For the average end user, who does not pursue illegal interests, the Darknet does not have much to offer that would not also be found on the open Internet. But there are also legal and ethically unproblematic offers, such as forums for anonymous exchange on all sorts of literary topics, for example.

Even Facebook is represented in the Darknet. And there's even a good reason for that: access to Facebook is blocked in a number of authoritarian countries. Through the Tor network, residents can bypass this block.

As a guide for newcomers, the Darknet has some search tools ready. The "Hidden Wiki" is the most important Dark web Directory, the most famous search engine is called Torch. The competitor Ahmia.fi maintains a blacklist of offensive pages, i.e. searches a cleaned index. However, you should not blindly rely on it.

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