Illegal darknet links how to get to the darknet without any problems

Want to know how to get on the darknet or open a censored darknet links? Then read today's post about security and anonymity and you will be happy.

We will be helped, popular in narrow circles, the Internet browser TOR. Earlier I wrote a little bit about this in the article how to configure the tor browser.

How to get to the darknet

It is advisable to download TOR from the official website.

After downloading, run the installer, a shortcut appears on the desktop with a bow, go to it and surf.

With the help of this service, you can access ordinary, protected and cencored darknet links. The speed of opening will be lower than in a regular browser, this is the price of anonymity.

How TOR works

The diagram below shows the approximate principle of operation of the algorithm of the TOR browser.

As you can see, the chain involves VPN encryption and other computers through which the Internet connection is made.

Be protected

Darknet links are resources that end in ".onion" and provide additional protection to visitors and owners, there are additional guarantees against censorship. Onion sites allow anyone to anonymously provide services and content.

Resource list

Below is a small list of sites that you can visit on the Darknet

Godnotaba — open monitoring of the darknet links of the TOP network. The site was created for informational purposes.

All of these links are working, any transactions made on these darknet links are illegal and will be punished under the laws of the USA. This project is for informational purposes only and helps in the general understanding of the TOR network.

Submarine — equipment for receiving and decoding, satellite TV.

SecureDrop — sending notes and files to journalists of The New York.

Library Traum - a lot of books to download in different formats without registration and SMS. — review of court decisions, judicial practice, in Ukraine, Russia, USA and other countries.

Abiko is the most adequate search engine at the moment.

DeepDopWeb is a major international resource about Darknet news.

Remember that in ordinary Internet browsers links will not open, but only in protected ones.

What are DeepWeb and DarkWeb?

The Deep Web is the invisible side of the Internet, the deep and invisible web, the deep web, and the deep web. A large number of darknet links that are not indexed by search engines. It consists of web pages dynamically generated by requests to certain online databases.

Dark Web (dark web) - network segments connected to the common Internet, access to which requires special software and tools.

Anonymity and alternative

Do not hope that TOR-browser will protect your anonymity 100%. Remember about precautions, information can be a fake. Be vigilant in the network a lot of scammers, do not commit any illegal and illegal actions.


TOR is not the only secure and anonymous network. Freenet may come in handy if you have any difficulties with THE TOR. There are many other secure networks whose links can be found on the I2P portal and on the WWW.

In conclusion

I hope you found it useful information on how to get darknet links. Which browser to use regular or protected everyone will decide for himself.

If you have experience using such software, then share your thoughts in the comments below to this article, or use the feedback form with me.

Also, you can ask any questions related to computer topics on the page to ask a question.

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