Large carding forum list of darknet .onion sites in one artictle

The Internet is actually a virtual space that actually consists of 3 layers. The first is the part of the Internet we see, Clearnet. That is, everything that can be found quite calmly carding forum list. It's an open part of the Internet, accessible to everyone.

The second layer is Deep No or DeepNet. Also known as the "Deep Web". It's not that it's hidden from the majority. Deep Net consists of those sites that are not indexed. You can find them on darknet link directory or the carding forum list. These are carding forum list that are created specifically for communication in limited groups or in general to solve specific problems. These are different corporate sites that are necessary simply so that you can perform different joint tasks remotely in this format.

Onion sites on the Darknet

And the third layer is the DarkNet. It has a number of additional designations: Dark Network, Shadow Network, Dark Web, Hidden Network. This is a virtual space that is a series of nodes. Moreover, the connection between the channels is configured in such a way that it is problematic from the outside or in principle impossible to track . History is not preserved. At the same time, in order to access this segment of the Global Network, you need to use a special browser - Tor.

Sites on the Darknet also have unusual addresses - onion. And open them in a regular browser will not work.

The darknet is not regulated in any way. There is no official censorship, which is both a plus and a minus at the same time. Some relatively centralized directories and ratings of onion sites are also absent. Nevertheless, many are interested in understanding what the Darknet is. And I want to understand which sites are generally worth paying attention to, what forms the Shadow Network, by which we can conclude what it is .

Our carding forum list: top

To make it easier to understand what is best to pay attention to, we have compiled a rating of sites with links specifically for you. Note that the links lead to the Darknet. And since the browser Tor onion sites opens, a simple click you will not be able to see what is at stake. Of course, unless you are already sitting in this very browser (it, by the way, can be used as a regular browser)


Available at This is a huge directory of links, but in general, everything is specially done there so that it turns out to be extremely problematic to get confused. And basic knowledge of English is enough. In general, the Darknet attracts by the fact that everything here is often suddenly minimalistic. There is no pursuit of miracle graphics, a huge number of banners, constantly popping up advertising and annoying windows with technical support. Only the most important thing and that's it.

Filibusta is a vivid example of the fact that you can find everything on the Darknet. For example, places that pirates have chosen for themselves. The electronic library is completely quietly replenished with different literature. And you can not worry about the opinion of the copyright holder, so no one plans to remove the material from here.

However, some authors have nothing against their literary works being posted on such sites. And some even consider getting into pirate libraries an indicator of popularity. The service in the onion segment is available at the link http://flibustahezeous3.onion.


This is one of the largest forums on the Darknet dedicated to carding, available at wwhclublci77vnbi.onion. He has noticeable activity in the Europan-speaking segment of the Internet. Previously, many materials on computer and information security were in the public domain, and for free. Some of them even posted on Skype.

However, the availability of information played a cruel joke with the forum: it attracted the attention of trolls. As a result, the materials were closed, and old-timers offer to teach carding on a paid basis for only $ 1,000. Nevertheless, the forum still attracts a lot of attention.


The service is available at rahakottymyflyum.onion. Anonymity of transactions on the Darknet will not make sense if you are easily tracked through payment systems. Therefore, now an increasing number of people use bitcoins and other types of cryptocurrencies that allow you to maintain anonymity. However, in order to definitely not be tracked, you need to use special wallets with built-in mixers. And Rahakott is one of them.

As you can see. in the Darknet there are a lot of carding forum list available through different links. Onion sites attract attention, cause keen curiosity, and they also open access to goods that otherwise you will not buy anywhere, as well as to materials that you will not otherwise acquire in any way. And if you're interested in new sites, take a look.

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