Money steal after buy credit card online: what to do if they clone or steal it

When you make online purchases, our credit card is the object of desire of those who clone or steal cards to empty your account. Here's what to do.

In quarantine online payments by credit card are the most popular, with the consequence that the use of cash to make our purchases is dropping drastically. But precisely at this juncture ours are the most targeted by online criminals, since scams in this sector are flourishing and often these are easily cloned your bought credit card online.

But if the danger runs on the network when buy credit card online, sometimes it is difficult not to attribute part of the errors to the users themselves, who often do not verify the reliability of the e-commerce sites frequented. One of the first clues that we are on the wrong page to use our card is when the HTTPS protocol is not used in the address bar. But let's see what to do in case of cloning or theft.


Money stolen from credit card: what to do if they clone or steal it

Even in physical stores it can happen that your buy credit card online can be at the center of a sensational scam, especially during winter sales or black friday. In fact, some clerks rob you by exploiting your good faith and perhaps offer to pass your card to the cash desk without you having gone personally. If you are those types of people who casually grant the card to third parties, then it is better to rely on prepaid cards that are not linked to the current account.

The scam also runs to the ATM,since if a well-known advice is not to be observed while typing the PIN and not to leave the receipt,unfortunately atMs can be affected by "skimmers" who clone the card.

It would be a good habit to periodically check the movements on the current account and the list of transactions on the credit card, so that if you have undergone a cloning you will notice suspicious withdrawals. Always choose bank accounts and cards that have the option of SMS alert on your smartphone so as to be always updated on every transaction.

So, what if it's too late? Well, first you have to block the card via the phone number imprinted on the back of the card or provided to you by the bank. The blockade will necessarily have to be followed by a complaint to the police, because it will be necessary to collect the appropriate documentation to request reimbursement from the bank.

Finally, after buy credit card online, the bank is obliged to return the amounts disputed by the customer, but know that it will look for every quibble to establish that suspicious movements are not actually so.

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