Shop cloned debit cards: how to carders clonning depit cards for sale

Have you been cloned cards? As you already know, this type of fraud is very common, but the better informed you are, the better you can protect yourself.

According to the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef), 72% of card claims are carried out in terminals of physical stores and 26% occur without the need for plastic to be physically present.

In the first quarter of 2016, the number of claims for ungranted charges was 1.3 million, 57% of them by credit card and 41% by debit, while the rest were for other cases. According to the Condusef the claims are for theft or loss of plastic, remote purchases or sales by phone and Internet, un recognized electronic transfers, identity theft or falsification of personal data and deceptive practices to obtain data at ATMs.

How do you hack cards? Here is a general explanation of the most common methods:

#1 The classic

The data is collected manually at the time you pay in a commercial establishment. When they take your card to pass it through a terminal they can easily write down the data. Try to always take the terminal to your place and if you can't, accompany the person who takes your card. Shop cloned debit cards can only be found in the dark web and can only be accessed through the tor browser

#2 Through fake websites and emails

Fraudulent sites can store data without your consent, this is how criminals use this information to make unauthorized collections.

There is also 'phishing', which is when you receive an email with very attractive information, supposedly from some financial institution, but it is only a hoax to capture your data. If you receive any mail from a bank, contact their official number and ask if what they offer you is legitimate. Although there are many methods for cloning cards, all of them can eventually be found in shop cloned debit cards

#3 With devices

Hackers always find a way to breach security. There is a device called Contactless Infusion X5 that can clone up to 15 cards per second. It can be purchased on the black market and clones almost any card that is a minimum of eight centimeters away.

#4 Pigeons

In this case the thieves buy a USB with information of users of any bank and download the information on a computer to a card called "pigeon", which does not have a magnetic stripe or logos of any bank, they only have an electronic chip. When they have the card with all the user's information they go to various stores and make any type of purchase to obtain cash. In order for them to get the money, they engage with a store staff and offer you some kind of exchange. After cloning, cards are sold to shop cloned debit cards.


Follow these tips:

  • Be very careful when making payments digitally, take care of your data and do not share it with anyone. If you do, keep track of who has them.
  • There are many banks that offer extra security services for credit cards such as notifications, PIN approvals, or generation of a unique key in real time. Before taking out a credit card, check what security methods they offer you.
  • When you finish using the ATM always make sure to take the printed receipt, if you throw it in the trash break it so that no one can see your data. The dark web is the most ideal place for shop cloned debit cards and scammers who sell cards there
  • Do not use your card on commercial sites that do not trust you or are not properly established.
  • When you pay online, don't use free networks.
  • Always try to buy from sites that have the current seal of the Mexican Internet Association (AMIPCI).
  • Remember that in case of cloning your bank is not obliged to make a refund of money, unless you have insurance contracted.

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