We went shopping on the black market of the dark web by one click

But what is sold on the dark web? A little bit of everything — lots of drugs, and all kinds, lots of weapons, gold, stolen goods and counterfeit materials, hacks and illegal services. We took a tour of the virtual shelves.

Last November 2016, the police announced that the Naples mobile team had completed the "fake money" operation, arresting seven people and notifying two individuals already in prison.

The arrests were the culmination of an investigation lasting almost two years, trying to trace the source of a huge seizure of 98 thousand euros in fake money.

Counterfeit money is one of the most often traded goods on the black markets of the dark web, all over the world, not only in Italy.

In search of very rare Hatchimals gufunicorno,even at the Submarine we went shopping in the darknet. We haven't found anything new in itself, but a parallel universe where everyone believes they are gangsters — or play the part for the police — where everyday problems are the rising cost of LSD,the most effective methods of shipping and receiving drugs at home, so you don't have to leave your apartment ever— in jargon it's called stealth — and how to distinguish honest sellers from busting operations.

These days the community is still quite shaken — a few days ago the darknet's most famous black market, Alphabay Market, came under attack offline, and it seems that a hacker has managed to gain control of many communications between customers. It's unclear whether it's a lone wolf or an FBI operation — but more seasoned users downplay it: the site calls for PGP encryption to be used for every communication, so any information collected by hackers should be unusable. In addition, all non-plain text messages are deleted every 30 days. In short, experts say, buy your methamphetamines calmly.

Alphabay is among the vanguards of security in terms of the black market — they were also the first to implement payment through Monero, a new cryptocurrency that last year exploded in value precisely because it guarantees new levels of security and anonymity, above even Bitcoin, whose public blockchain structure – which can still be obfuscated by artificially spinning coins – is perceived as a danger by many customers of materials Illegal.

But what is sold on the dark web? A little bit of everything — lots of drugs, and all kinds, lots of weapons, gold, stolen goods and counterfeit materials, hacks and illegal services. We took a tour of the virtual shelves.

The first step for the most neurotic: high-resolution templates of all possible and imaginable identity documents, easily editable via Photoshop. Thanks to these files you can create accounts on online commerce sites without revealing your identity — being all digital services, you do not need "real" fake documents, but scans, altered are enough.

Once we have built alternative accounts with which to buy their own cryptocurrencies, our favorite criminals can devote themselves to buying their favorite drugs.

MD in the shape of emoji of the three monkeys — with 100% real gold in the dough of the tablet. Only for true connoisseurs.

Interestingly, the relative normality with which illegal materials are discussed: the arguments and quarrels are the same as you would encounter on Ebay or Subito.it — shipping issues, buyers trying to get their hands on the product at impossible prices, shady-looking auctions, photos with the name of your store written in pen to prove that you are true, legitimate, or that you have the product to really sell, at least. Quiet products like this gun with silencer

If you go a little upmarket, however, the quality of the presentation goes up: the sheets are printed on the computer, and look at that cool blue plastic bottom — a perfect cloth where you can hide everything and run away on the fly when the cops arrive.

But in short: they will also be spaccini, traffickers and gunsmiths, but in the end they have to eat like us, and you can not spend too much — the religion of gangster entrepreneurs of the dark web is to reinvest, reinvest, reinvest.

The solution is only one then: buy a ready-made hack and from good script kiddies try to hack Domino's to eat free pizza forever. Cybergangster but in the heart always twelve years old. (Yes, we believe very little that this hack works but, hey, it's nice to dream — and what a laugh.)

In Italy getting your hands on weapons is more difficult, and even the drug market offers a little less variety: less weird varieties of Ecstasy, very little LSD. Italy has always been a country of good fork, less rotten party drugs, more "gourmet" offers —

Made in Italy is confirmed as strong everywhere, even in the black markets of online grass — a record recognized by several awards, it seems.

Focusing on the domestic market also allows you to produce specialized products: like these licenses, which are not prints of high-definition scans, but the original product, from a mole in a motorization, straight into the hands of your favorite fugitive.

On Alphabay you can still find some fake money transaction banknotes — they are the best on the market they say, and you buy them at about half the value of real banknotes.

Quite a few fake bribes, a fake driver's license, and legs on their shoulders, which the police are on their heels. To escape to the UK the days are now over, and you don't have time anymore — you also need a fake IELTS certificate.

At the end of Hatchimals we did not find any, so we did not buy anything :(

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